Mobile Strategy



Does my business need a mobile app? If yes, then which platform should I release the app on? iOS, Andorid, BlackBerry or Windows? How much should i invest in developing the app at this time? 

All of the above represent the typical questions that are faced by businesses today, due to a variety of options to choose from. We at Aero, understand all the aspects involved in your business or idea and work with you to co-exist. We study the your market, your strengths and your budget and come up with a strategy that helps you all questions related to going Mobile. 

We will partner with you to work from the ideation to implementation stage. Our team members will intereact with the business leaders in your organization to understand your operations. We will also interact all other stake holders from your organization and document the step-by-step findings from these meetings. We will brainstorm with our team members to formulate a strategy that will be a best fit for your organization. Once we have your sign off, we start implementing the strategy. 

At all stages of the engagement we will create documentation that would summarize the findings and the action items. These documents will help your business in the long run and also make working with outside third party businesses easy. 



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